fundraising opportunities scheduled for 2017-2018

Fundraiser Notes:

We are approaching our first fundraiser for the band.  We are trying to find different fundraisers so that each family can find one they can help with.  If you are able to help with several that is great. 

The cost per student for fall band is $823.  Band fees are $250.  The difference ($573 per student) has to be raised through fundraising.  Your help and support of our fundraising efforts is greatly appreciated.

  I know we all hate fundraising, but it is essential to our music program at ND. 

Our children are very fortunate that they have the privilege of competing.  It’s a very challenging and rewarding experience for them in the field of music.  Our children are also very fortunate to have a band director like Mr. Fordham and Color Guard leader like Mrs. Ponce.  They both are devoted and give our children the best!  With your support we can continue this part of our music program at ND.  Again, thank you to all of you who put forth the effort to help us raise funds for our children.